Care Package No. 2

When we got Teague’s last update, we received a picture. Our last care package made it in time! (Excuse the funny cropping. I had to remove his foster mother from the picture.) The update included that he is now walking unassisted and saying Mama and Dada (or maybe the Korean equivalents?)

It’s time to send off the second care package. The only item not shown in the picture is a picture of Alex. I took one of him in his matching t-shirt and with his lovey. I’m not including a letter this time, but I’m assuming the picture will explain why the items are special. We included puffs, baby food pouches, an airplane t-shirt (like Alex’s), a long sleeve white shirt, frog pajamas, a robot lovey, coffee singles, Girl Scout cookies, a book, and a toy phone (that let me record a personal message).

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