Sleeping Issues

Alex, my wonderful sleeper, has started to have some trouble. The biggest issue is going to bed – whether for a nap or at bedtime. Five to ten minutes after you close his door he cries. When you open his door he has great reasons: “You forgot to turn on the fan” “I have to go potty” “Wipe my tears”, etc. The problem is it happens every time and sometimes requires numerous trips. I recently started a new policy. I’ll come in when he calls, but I take away a lovey (he has at least 20 in the bed). That worked a few times. Today he cried and I told him if I came in then I would take three loveys. He immediately yells back, “No. One Lovey”. I explained the new policy was three. He decided he didn’t need me to come upstairs.

When he loses an animal he has to “earn” it back by not crying the next time he’s put down.

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