The Biggest Loser

Wade came to the conclusion that he needed to lose some weight. He knew himself well enough to realize it wouldn’t happen without a little competition. He convinced two other guys at work to throw $200 into the pot and the greatest weight loss percentage takes all after three months. To make it a little more interesting there was a minimum weight loss goal for each person and if that wasn’t met then you had to put in another $50.
The first month Wade didn’t really change his eating but he did start the Insanity work out program. The second month continued the workouts and cut out snacking. At the beginning of each month the guys all weigh in. At this point one of the guys had lost 10 lbs. Wade decided he had to kick it up into high gear. He stopped all weight building and stuck to cardio exercises. He also changed his eating by significantly reducing portion sizes.
They had their final weigh-in this week. Wade came out the winner. He lost 10% of his body weight. And now we are planning a nice steak dinner to celebrate (at Eddie Martini’s) with his $450 in winnings!
*Note the picture of Wade’s belt. You can see where he used to wear it and now he actually needs a smaller one!

  1. Congrats Wade!!!

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