Projects Galore

Wade was on a roll today. He worked on three projects (some of which I have been wanting for YEARS). First up was this cabinet space at our backdoor. When we moved in it was unfinished, dirty, and obviously housed boots. Wade finished off the inside (I still need to paint) and installed baskets for hats/gloves and most likely grilling supplies.

Sometime during our last three years in this house, we managed to short the light in the closet of my office. This doesn’t sound too bad, but Wade has tried numerous times to trace it and been unsuccessful. This closet happens to be under the stairs and is therefore rather deep. Not having light makes the back part of the closet almost impossible to use. I came home from the gym to find Wade had fixed the light! (I also realized we have way too much in the closet. The second picture is only half of it…)

My favorite project (and the longest lasting) is the storm windows for our sunroom. I have been working on these since 2009 and finally finished my part of sanding and painting this year. Wade had glass measured and cut. Then he spent quite a bit of time repairing the wood and glazing the windows. I did a little more touch up paint and we put them up today!

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