Thinking Of Daddy = A Good Deal

Alex and I were doing some grocery shopping when I remembered I had to provide snack at MDO. We were walking down the cracker aisle and I was looking for something good. Alex was talking the entire time and I was responding, but not really paying attention. At some point I realized he had seen the Triscuits (which Wade loves) and was talking about them. Then he asked if we could get Daddy a box. I told him that was a great idea and we’d even get two (because Wade sometimes eats an entire box at once). I knew there had been a man stocking the shelves but I hadn’t been paying him any attention. He had obviously been listening to Alex. He came up and told Alex he was a really good boy to think of his Daddy and handed him some paper. I realized the man was the Nabisco rep and had given Alex a great coupon for the Triscuits. Score!

  1. That is so cute and sweet. It seems like a commercial for Nabisco!

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