Our Monday

Alex and I were complete bums this morning (yay!) and then we finally got our day started. We went to storytime at Yo Mama and Alex had a blast. He made a turkey, heard a Curious George Thanksgiving, and got chocolate yogurt (with lots of toppings). When the reading glasses were handed out, my very manly boy asked for pink.

After an awesome nap (for Alex, Madison, Tabit, and myself) we headed off to play with Abby and Asher. They only sat still long enough to eat their suckers with a few minutes of TV. They are full of energy – especially mine!

My favorite part of the day was when Alex brought his toys into the kitchen to play while I cooked dinner. He kept up a running dialog between the police car and the taxi.

(The second picture is a flashback to last March. Tabit still loves to chase the cars.)
And no day is complete without books!

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