He’s A Winner

Wade’s work threw a children’s Halloween party today. Alex was really excited to go see Daddy’s friends, but wasn’t so sure about wearing his costume. We assured him that there would be lots of candy for “Robot Alex”. In the end, he gladly wore the top and hat (for a little while). Thank goodness the costume judging was the first event. Alex won first prize (a gift card to Barnes & Noble) in the “Under 5” category. I told him that he won and could use his gift card to buy a book. All day he was confused where his new book was and why I wouldn’t give it to him.

Then the entire building was open for trick or treating. Most of the guys recognized the parts from Alex’s costume (mag switch, etc) and all were impressed that it was powered by a M12 battery. Alex alternated between being shy and talking to everyone. When he did talk he was quick to say he was going to share his candy with Abram (and we did as soon as we got home).

With his pumpkin full of candy, Alex couldn’t wait to take off his costume and play all the games. His favorite was the balloon booth.

(Just in case you were worried – We did take Alex to pick out a new book. He chose “I Saw An Ant On The Railroad Track“.)

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