A Little Independence And A Treat For Mom

I had a coupon for Monkey Joe’s that expired this month. Amber and Abram were happy to join us on our outing. Alex has been quite a few times with mixed results. The first time was okay (see here), the second time was awful (see here), the third time was much better (see here), but Alex still had to have help climbing to the top and refused to slide down by himself. Today he realized he could climb to the top and slide down by himself! Independence for him and an easier play time for Mom (of course my camera battery was dead so no pictures). Abram held his hand down the first two slides and then he was fine on his own.
The place wasn’t very crowded but there were quite a few “big” kids. We finally left after they ran over Alex and Abram one time too many. Amber invited us to lunch and I loved the place she took us – Jack’s Cafe. Yum! I can’t wait to go back for another chicken salad sandwich.

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