Restaurant Review

I have basically been home alone all week. Wade was in town Monday morning and flew out Monday evening. He flew in this afternoon just in time for our Shawn Mullins and Marc Cohn concert. In the little time we had together we managed to try some new restarurants.
Broken Yolk – I loved the name and couldn’t wait to try it for breakfast. They are located near Marquette and appear to be a college place. My bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit was delicious. The hashbrowns weren’t crispy enough, but they rarely are. I’d definitely go back!
Crazy Water – Wade and I love this place! We have actually been several times and couldn’t wait to go again. I highly recommend the sea scallops.
Butch’s Old Casino Steak House – Thank goodness for Yelp or I would never have set foot inside the door. They give new meaning to hole-in-the-wall. However, the inside was fun and quirky. The waitress was wonderful. Our steaks were excellent! Wade and I both ordered the steer filet with a seafood side (scallops for me and shrimp for Wade). Neither of us would bother with the seafood again. It wasn’t impressive at all and we ended up just eating the steak. It’s also very casual, which is nice when I want a good steak and don’t want to dress up. (Reminded me of Coerper’s 5 O’Clock Steakhouse, but I liked Butch’s better.)

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