I entered into potty training not really expecting it to happen. I always said I’d wait for him to ask to be potty trained – thinking around age 3. But then he got bigger and the cloth diapers were getting a little tight with some of his clothes. He was also leaking through quite a bit, which is annoying. I didn’t want to switch to disposable diapers, but it was getting really old having to change him every 1-2 hours. I thought we’d give it a try, but realistically we would still have to use diapers for outings, playdates, church, the gym, naps, and nighttime (i.e. most of the time).
Alex has amazed me! With the only incentive being allowed to flush the potty, he has quickly figured it all out. Last Sunday he wore his last diaper outside the house. I was still putting him in a diaper for naps and night. On Sunday I told him not to use his diaper and he hasn’t since. Today we gave those diapers up too. Last night I did my final wash/dry/fold of cloth diapers.
Our biggest struggle now is getting Alex to tell someone he needs to go versus someone having to ask him.
Is it bad that I’m not quite sure I was ready for this (or all of the public restrooms we have been visiting)?

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