Splish Splash

Alex had his first adventure at a water park today. Amber and Abram invited us to Country Springs Water Park. Alex immediately got in the water and was pretty much up for anything. His favorite feature was the huge bucket on top of the playground that would dump water. Sadly I couldn’t make it “dump” at his request.

Abram loved the big water slide. Alex was fascinated with the mechanism for taking the boats up and down. Alex eventually rode this once but didn’t want to do it again. (I think the biggest issue was he couldn’t sit in my lap and had to sit in his own “seat” in front.)

The rest of the time was spent on the playground in the water and on the lazy river. The boys had a great time splashing and running. (Too bad I no longer have my waterproof camera!)

By the time we got ready to leave both boys were worn out!

We got everyone dressed and in the car. Both boys managed to stay awake till we got home and then took 3 hour plus naps.

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