Sleeping Baby

Alex (and his parents) have had a long, rough road when it comes to sleeping. I shudder when I think of his first six months and the naps that didn’t last over 30 minutes (or occur at all). He didn’t sleep through the night till he was 10 months old. Then the craziest thing happened. He turned into a wonderful sleeper. At 9 months he was taking three naps a day (at least an hour each) and sleeping 12 hours at night. At 12 months he went down to two naps a day that were each two hours long. At 22 months, he has just given up his morning nap and is taking a three hour afternoon nap and still sleeping 12 hours at night.
Amazingly I do still have a complaint about his sleeping. Normally he is great about going down for naps or for the night. We read some books, put him in bed, and never hear a peep. The problem is those nights where he does cry and has trouble going to sleep. Alex has never been a cuddly baby. We have never been able to rock him to sleep. That means at some point I have to put him in his bed if he is going to sleep and then more crying ensues. As of now, I am pretty sure he only cries when he doesn’t feel well or something is wrong (which makes me feel bad about the necessary crying before sleep). Sadly his vocabulary isn’t big enough to explain it to us. Tonight was one of the rare nights that he was crying and crying.

I finally got my book and sat down with him in the rocking chair. It took two hours, but I now have a sleeping baby (who even fell asleep in my arms).

Here’s hoping he doesn’t wake up during the night….

  1. Hi- It’s Wade’s friend again- love following you guys. My daughter did this too and it turned out to be her molars coming in -maybe that’s it? Hope the sweet little guy has some easier nights ahead. (Also, my oldest is not a cuddly kid either so I feel your pain!)

  2. Hey Amy! I’m pretty sure it is teething. He has gone through this before and it was always teeth. Before he was inconsolable and didn’t want to be held. The upside to last night was that holding him seemed to offer comfort. We were up again from 3:30-4:30, but he seems fine today.

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