A Day On The Farm

Today Amber, Abram, Nicki, Riley, Alex, and I drove to Green Meadows Farm. What an amazing place! On this huge farm everything is kid-friendly from tractors to turkeys to hay bales. For one low admission price you have access to everything. We started with the pony ride. I wasn’t sure that Alex would be content to sit and hold onto the mini horse’s saddle. He did great. Immediately after getting off, he ran to the platform and tried to get back on.

There were tons of animals in small pens all over the property. The pens would have 10-20 animals and would all be fine for petting or picking up. Alex was fascinated with the chickens but didn’t want to hold one. He loved petting the goats. He touched the pigs once and then didn’t want to touch them again – their skin is rather coarse. (Note Alex’s I’m-gently-petting-an-animal-face in the picture with the goat. I see that a lot with Tabit.)

There were play areas all around too. There were regular playgrounds, a wooden tractor, sandpits, hay bales, old tires, a wagon covered in pots and pounds and drumsticks, etc.

No trip to a farm is complete without a hay ride. The ride started out great, but got a little bumpy. We held onto the boys so they didn’t get too jostled.

This farm also had a pumpkin patch. The boys were pretty worn out and ready for naps, but we still picked up a few pumpkins.

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