I had enlisted my Aunt Beverly’s help to get Mom to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. My Mom and my great Aunt Eva Nell often go to breakfast on Saturday. It wasn’t a stretch for them to all three plan an outing. We got there early and were waiting at the table. They had to cross the entire room to get to us and my mom never once looked up. She got to the table and was still talking. We said “Happy Birthday” as a group and she finally looked up and saw us all sitting there. The surprise was definitely a success!

Mom’s swim group brought lunch for an afternoon celebration. Chris and Wade slept through the entire lunch, but Alex woke up in time for dessert.

Alex was fascinated with the sports car one of the ladies drove. She was nice enough to let him play in it and then take him for a spin around the block. Alex loved it!

Then Alex helped Gram open her presents:

The rest of the evening we spent eating Chong’s chinese food, El Chico’s chips and cheese, and playing games.
Happy Birthday Mom!

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