Sneaky Sneaky

Today was part one of mission “Surprise Birthday” for my Mom. My sister, Chris, Wade, Alex, and I are all arriving in Paducah today, spending the night with my Dad, and surprising my Mom on her birthday tomorrow morning. Alex woke up at his normal 6 am and we were on the road by 7:30. I had a full backseat, but Alex, Madison, and Tabit were all on their best behavior. Alex was fascinated with the construction machinery on the first part of our drive, took a first nap, watched Thomas the Train, played a little, took a second nap, and watched a little Elmo. We stopped once for lunch and a diaper change and made it to Paducah by 3:30.

The hardest part was making a seven hour drive without calling my mom. I always talk to her at least once a day, even if just for a few minutes. It was a long, boring trip with no phone calls. My Dad and Laura were waiting for us when we got to their house. My Dad has three dogs and Alex quickly found his favorite, Frank.

Madison loves to run, but is obviously not a farm dog. She immediately found horse manure to roll in and was banished to the outside for the rest of the day. She also loves to swim in the pond so that helped a little with the smell.

Alex loves to explore new houses and found quite a bit to keep him entertained:

I also got to meet Leo, Grant and Christy’s baby. Leo was a big surprise. Everyone had been expecting Isabella.

My Mom did call my cell phone around 9:30 pm. I knew she wanted to check on me because we hadn’t talked and I hadn’t updated Alex’s blog. I was afraid of giving away my location or what I had done all day so I didn’t answer the phone.

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