Pizza And Firefighting

Today was a busy day! Alex and I started with swim class and then drove straight to Chuck E. Cheese. Abram had requested the trip with his best friend Alex. Amber and I were pleasantly surprised to find the place pretty much empty. The boys had a great time running here and there and pizza is always good for lunch.

Abram loved giving Alex hugs today, but Alex wasn’t too sure about them.

Alex was worn out after his morning of fun but managed to stay awake until we got home. Wade had been away all week, but his flight got in while we were gone. He was happy to read Alex his books and put him down for a nap. Abram called after nap and wanted to play. When he realized Wade was home he got really excited. Wade is one of Abram’s “new best friends.” Abram’s dad, Nick, was driving him past the zoo last week and Abram said, “I want to go to the zoo with my best friend Alex and my best friend Wade.” Nick had to ask if he could come too and Abram gave a hesitant “yes.”

The boys also managed to get wet again (this has happened every time they have played together this week) using Abram’s new fire truck. (I think Alex may need one of these next year.):

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