A Crazy Busy Day

Today Alex started back to Mother’s Day Out. He wanted to carry his lunch box and was quick to start playing when we arrived.

When I picked him up, the ladies told me he did great. He ate most of his lunch; played with the other kids; and even took a nap on a cot. Ms. Tracey did tell me that Alex talked himself to sleep saying “Stop the fire”. I have heard him say “fire”, but nothing that sounds like “stop the fire.” He also did an art project. I see the talent, don’t you?

Pretty soon after we got home, Abram and Amber came over to lend me an onion. We went outside and the boys immediately started playing in Madison’s water bowl. Then of course we had to pull out the fire hose.

Everybody went home to get dry clothes and dinner before meeting up again for popcorn and licorice!

Welcome to the world Madeleine!

  1. I’m crying from laughing so hard at “stop the fire.” How lucky did we get with these boys??????

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