Christmas Eve – Part 2

We arrived at Mom’s house just in time for Alex’s nap. He hasn’t been interested in the presents so we decided to start opening without him. We decided Melissa got the most gifts this year. She opened two every turn.

Alex joined us before long and found quite a few things to chew on. Being a typical little one, Alex loved the paper and boxes.

Madison also got a treat (Thanks for the idea Edie). She loves the Kong Snugga Wubba.

Mom is hosting Christmas Eve dinner tonight for her family. I had promised long ago that she could give Alex his first bite of chocolate. She saved some of the cake just for him:

  1. So glad Madison likes the Kong Wubba – Knox was more interested in chewing out the tag on my cashmere sweater. Lovely…
    I love the pic of Alex with the wrapping paper and boxes. Before my Dad and Mom got married, for Christmas one year my Dad got “presents” for his young nieces and nephews – boxes wrapped really pretty and filled with bubble wrap. His brother and sister were pissed – the kids were in heaven! 😛

  2. Image that, your Mom wanting to give Alex chocolate!

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