Everybody Goes Exploring

I’m not sure why, but Alex’s favorite destination is the downstairs bathroom. He especially loves the Santa hanging from the drawer who has bells for legs.

The TV stand is the perfect height for Alex. He’s not reaching over his head just yet:

Alex is fascinated by the presents under the tree.

Madison normally doesn’t get into things she shouldn’t. However, I came home from running errands to see this on her pillow:

She found the one present for her and decided to open it early. The funny part is it was from Wade so I had no idea what was in it. Madison left no trace – other than the outer wrapping – so I had to call him at work to see if I should be worried. We eventually discovered most of the rawhide sticks hidden in various couch and chair cushions.
In other news – I had a slumber party tonight. I’m ready for games, food, and 80s movies!

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