And It’s Done

More impressive than it’s done – the ginger bread house is actually standing.
Wade made a base out of a few boxes:

Then we used lots and lots of icing to get the sides attached to the boxes:

Next Wade held the house together while we hoped the icing would harden:

Finally we have our finished product:

Happy Birthday Travis!

  1. Very nice! Love the picture of you two together in your matching sweaters with your gingerbread house! I want to know how long Wade held the house together while you waited for the icing to harden! LOL! I like that he got that job instead of you! (That would have been Nick’s job as well if we were making one!)

  2. Turns out we both love Gap’s thermal shirts and even picked the same color that day. I was so glad the next morning when I realized the house had truly hardened and the danger of collapse had passed.

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