Flowers and Pizza

Today was a sleepy day for both Alex and I. I slept 8 hours last night and slept again during two of Alex’s naps. It took till late afternoon for me to fully wake up and then I found some surprise delivery flowers from Wade. That definitely perked me up! (Funny story about the flowers. Wade evidently sent them early afternoon. I was home all afternoon but never heard the doorbell. Wade comes home from work and finds the flowers he sent sitting outside and had to tell me to go look. I still loved the flowers, even if Wade had to essentially deliver them himself.)

I didn’t feel like cooking tonight so we tried a new pizza place – Transfer. It had been highly recommended to us and we did enjoy our dinner. They are well known for their garlic pizzas, which we thought was just okay. However, we loved the crust and can’t wait to go back again and try a more traditional pizza (with some type of tomato sauce). Alex was a trooper through it all and definitely ready for bed when we got home.

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