Thank Goodness It’s Friday

Today was a little crazy. Alex decided he wanted a nap about 9 am. This would normally be fine, but we have to leave for swim class at 9:25. I let him sleep as long as I could and took him to the YMCA in his pajamas. I got him into his bathing suit and we had an awesome swim class. Alex kept putting his face in the water. We finally decided if he wasn’t bothered then it was fine. As we were heading back into the locker room I realized I had forgotten to bring Alex clothes. He wore his pajamas back home. I finally got him dressed and loved the little shoes. (Alex loved the shoe laces.)

Tonight we had dinner out with the Young Couples group. Everyone was in attendance, which is always fun. Nate helped us keep Alex entertained and Amy played with Emelia:

Mike tried oysters and Alex took another try at lemons:

We let Alex and Emelia play a little. You notice they immediately wanted to hold hands.

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