Action Packed Day

Wade, Alex, and I drove to Paducah last night and finally made it after way too many hours of traffic, rain, fog, and a very unhappy baby. Today was much better. We started off with a trip to visit Grandma while Wade caught up on sleep:

Have I mentioned that Alex is fascinated with shoes and feet? Right now shoelaces are a favorite:

Then we all headed down to the riverfront for BBQ on the River.

Paducah is Paducah so it shouldn’t be surprising that we ran into all kinds of people: Wade’s Aunt Sara, quite a few of mom’s friends, and the Upshaws:

Then Wade and I headed out for dinner at Patti’s and Amy’s wedding. There was a huge rain storm that held off just long enough for most of the ceremony.

Then we had some cake and did a little talking:

More wedding pictures here.
Mom and Lissy were more than happy to babysit. I hear they had quite a bit of fun with Alex’s new Halloween pajamas – they glow in the dark.

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