A Happy Boy And Lots Of Projects

Alex has consistently been sleeping to 7 am – thank goodness. The 5 and 6 wake up was not working so well. I got up with him this morning and decided to go back to bed when he took a nap at 8. I woke up around 9:30 to see Alex playing happily with Wade supervising. Wade and I also had fun watching Alex realize he can roll back to stomach. I saw it for the first time yesterday and today he couldn’t get enough of the rolling one way and then back the other (always staying in the same spot on the floor).

Alex took quite a few naps today and I got a lot done. I painted the concrete ledges beneath the basement windows (evidently the painters didn’t think they needed to be painted).

In an effort to clean out the garage for my car, I built a few shelves for our car washing products. This project required lots of power tools! I got to use the miter saw and a pneumatic framing nailer.

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