Date Night

Wade and I had a date night tonight!  We didn’t really start planning the date unitl Amy, our babysitter, arrived.  First Wade had to shower and get ready after working on the bathroom.  I decided a picture was needed of Alex and I in our matching outfits.  (Don’t worry.  I won’t do this when he is older.):

Wade loves pizza. I used to love pizza. I didn’t get sick on it while pregnant, but after Alex was born I never want it anymore. However, a calzone did sound good. Wade visited Yelp and found a great pizza (and calzone) place – Classic Slice.

Since Classic Slice is located in Bay View, we decided to drive around and check it out. We found a cool park on the water and got out to walk around. It turns out there were gnats everywhere so we quickly returned to our car.
We were again aimlessly driving when we realized we were near our favorite pool place – Romines High Pockets. They card everyone at the door. My ID got a second look. I couldn’t figure out while until they guy laughed and told me he had been betting I was an ’88er. I guess that means barely 21. Wade and I got a laugh out of it. After a few games of pool we decided dessert was in order.
It turns out Leon’s Frozen Custard was not too far away. While checking out the reviews on Yelp, we ran across a review from Amy. She gave it a thumbs up so off we went:

We made a few errand type stops and then headed home for a little Battlestar Galactica.

  1. You know you are going to intentionally match and take pics when he’s older:)

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