New Toys For The Boy And Me

I decided to try Alex in his new stroller. The poor boy would just sweat and sweat in his stroller+car seat. He fell asleep on our walk, but seemed rather comfortable:

I got two new toys today – kinda. My iPhone was having some serious problems – the screen would black out and I couldn’t have a call over 5 minutes long without losing my connection. The man at the Genius Bar ran a diagnostic and told me I had a cellular component malfunction. Then he gave me a new phone! I went home, synced my new phone, and got everything set up just like I wanted. Then I tried to make some calls and realized no one could hear me. It turns out my new iPhone had a faulty microphone. I went back to the store and the man recognized me instantly. He happily replaced the new phone with no hassle. Now I should be good to talk for as long as I want!

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