A Day With Gram

My mom is constantly on the move and today Alex just tagged along. First we woke up happy and smiling at 6:30 am:

Then we got everyone into the car and Alex bandited:

Grandma was excited to see us and immediately asked to hold Alex:

After visiting Grandma, Mom and I decided on a visit to the mall. Paducah being Paducah, we ran into Carolyn and she joined us for lunch at Chick-fil-a (and I got a milkshake – yum!!):

Mom and I did a little shopping before naptime. When we got home we changed Alex (he gets crazy hot in his car seat) and he had two firsts: a happy tummy time and a nap on his stomach:

Mom and I spent the afternoon talking. After dinner we took a walk to see the Haughs and then tried a new method of swaddling Alex:

Since Alex (and therefore I) didn’t sleep well and he seemed to fidget all night long, I don’t think the new swaddle was a success.

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