Happy Early Birthday To Me

Alex and I started the day very early – 4 am. Evidently he had had enough sleep. I had not. There were no excuses for missing church so Alex got ready first and then had to wait on Wade and I:

We weren’t too surprised to find Alex fast asleep when we picked him up in the nursery (he had been awake since 4 am). Wade and I decided to take advantage and opted to eat lunch out and make a quick run to the mall:

My birthday is tomorrow, but we went out tonight. It’s amazing how much planning now goes into an evening of just Wade and I. Amy and Nate agreed to watch Alex while Wade and I tried out a new restaurant, Swig. We both enjoyed the food and the time alone together.

It turns out Alex was not on his best behavior with Nate and Amy. It doesn’t sound like he had a meltdown, but he was definitely fussy for the entire time. Thanks for babysitting – we’ll be happy to return the favor when you have kids. Kudos for using the cloth diapers!

  1. sorry you were up at 4. it’s currently 4:14 am on mon (the stupid rain woke me up…). i hope you get some more sleep today and enjoy your birthday 🙂

  2. you’re welcome! i actually thought the cloth diapers you had were easier than disposable ones! happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Holly!

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