Paducah – Day Two

I woke up at 6:30 am feeling wonderfully refreshed. I ventured downstairs to find my Mom rocking Alex. He had his second night with a 5 hour and a 4 hour stretch. Thank goodness! I had been worried he would cry all night and she wouldn’t come get us.

We spent most of the day at Granny and Papa’s. Judy, Jerry, and Emily all drove in for the weekend too.

It seems everyone was asleep before too long:

Jerry decided Alex would be more comfortable in his arms and even managed to get a smile:

After lunch it was back to my Mom’s house for more visits. Dabney stopped by and then Leigh, Carolyn, Jay, Mary Ann, and Buddy:

Laura cooked dinner for everyone at my Dad’s house. Guy and Sonya had driven to Nashville, but Grant and Christy were able to join us:

My Mom is offering to watch Alex for a second night and Wade and I are taking advantage. Off to bed for an early night again!!

Happy Birthday Ben!!

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