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After starting our window replacement last September, it is now complete. Curtis replaced the dining room windows with clear glass (the leading was not what we had expected), switched the hardware for white, and stained the trim in the kitchen.

Wade continues to be industrious and added foot rests to the kitchen island. Wade has a knack for keeping items that come in very handy. The foot rests were actually handrails we removed from the shower in the old bathroom at our house in Anderson when we remodeled the pink and blue bathroom.

  1. We’re looking at doing the same – replacing windows slowly. What does it cost roughly per window?

  2. We didn’t intend to do it slowly. All 21 were supposed to be replaced at the same time, but when working with a contractor I should know better. Our cost was about $450/window, but we had 6 wood windows which are quite a bit more than the vinyl.

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