Thanks Granny And Pop

I’m pretty sure Jerry was hiding 20 dollar bills for Emily and Wade long before I was around. Every time we see each other (whether they come here or we go there) Jerry is sure to hide a 20 for Wade and a 20 for me. Sometimes we find them quickly and sometimes it takes a long time. When everyone came to visit for Alex’s birth, I found a 20 in his crib. It isn’t the first time Jerry has hidden money in Alex’s room, but I couldn’t figure out why there was only a single 20. When I found two more 20s in the candy bowl in the kitchen, I realized Alex was now getting a 20 too. Until he’s old enough to realize it, we are adding his 20s to his college fund.
Last night as we were getting into bed Wade and I both found a 20 and a Reese’s egg under our pillows. I went to Alex’s room and he had a 20 and a box of Peeps (long family story there). Anyway, Alex wanted to say thanks.

  1. Michelle Anderson

    Why does that bring a tear to my eyes? I’m not sure, but it is VERY sweet!

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