A Date! A Real Date!

Wade and I had our first real date since Alex arrived. Emily flew out this morning, but Judy and Jerry are staying till tomorrow morning – just so we can go out. I took a nap this afternoon to get ready and then we went to the movies and dinner. We saw Duplicity, which I thought was a little predictable. Then we had an awesome dinner at Fleming’s. The food was good, the service was fantastic, but I think it being just the two of us was the awesome part. The waitress even sent us home with two boxes of chocolate covered strawberries to celebrate our first evening out!
Pop and Granny spent lots of time holding Alex and we got just a few pictures.


Happy Birthday Christina!

  1. YAY! a date! BTW, i think the previous picture of Alex is the cutest!

  2. Speaking of dates, we are going to take you guys up on your babysitting offer at some point. You have been warned!

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