Double Stuff

I have always liked Oreos, but I have to admit to buying more in the last three months than in the last three years. It turns out Wade eats them too so they don’t stay around the house too long. When my mom was in town (she left on Saturday) she made a grocery run for us. One of things on the list was Oreos. She wasn’t paying attention and grabbed the Double Stuff Oreos. I didn’t say anything because I thought she liked those better. Turns out she and I both prefer the regular ones. Wade stopped at the grocery for me last night and I still wanted Oreos so I put them on the list. He comes home with Double Stuff. He noticed that was what we were eating last time and thought he was doing good. He had no idea that those were a mistake and we only ate them so they didn’t go to waste. Is it horrible that I am still going to go buy some regular ones today?

  1. I think that is great!

  2. Mmm…Oreos are tasty.

  3. What is sad is that you have me craving them now and I am not even pregnant… 🙂

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