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A Very Very Full Day

Melissa is spending Christmas this year in New York with Chris’s family, but she did come to Paducah for the weekend. We managed to pack a lot of activities into a single day.
We started with an early morning visit to see Grandma:

Then we drove to Benton for the Siener Twins second birthday party. I had mentioned the twins in a previous post here and here. Kip and Kase were adorable:

Next up we had Mexican with Carolyn and Jay (the twins’ grandparents) and then did a little shopping. Melissa was into hats. I love the below picture, but didn’t get a picture of the hat she actually bought:

We drove back to Paducah and had our Christmas with Melissa:

Then we had my Dad’s annual Christmas Party to attend. Melissa and I got to see all kinds of people we only see once a year. Before the guests arrived we all gathered for a family picture:

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