Registering For Baby

Wade and I took the plunge today. After church we went to Babies R Us and started a baby registry. We laughed our way through it and decided there is way too much “stuff” out there! And 99% of it is covered in cartoons or a cutesy print. We had a lot of trouble finding basic, simple designs and prints. The nice thing is there is a much bigger selection online and the registry is easy to tweak as needed. For those of you out there who are already moms – I’d love any tips on “must have” or “don’t bother” items.

  1. Hi Wade and Holly!
    A must have? A swing!!! I had one with my first and for my second (1 month ago) we couldn’t find the parts and figured we didn’t need a swing anyway…our mistake. Our fussy baby was happy with us after we finally got a new swing a few weeks later – totally changed her personality and worth it to have from the very beginning. I suggest one that converts from side to side to forward/backward motion- both directions.
    We also use tons and tons of baby washcloths throughout the day. : )

  2. I’m back…also the boppy pillow is a must have.
    A don’t bother? lots of baby socks- always in sleepers anyway. Also, just my opinion but wipe warmers or really anything that warms something for the baby. I haven’t found much use for that and it sets you up for an unhappy baby (who is use to all the extras) when you don’t have that convenience with you. Most babies aren’t as picky as some people think. Since I just had a baby all this is on my mind still so hopefully not bothering you. : ) I’m Wade’s friend from high school by the way..You probably have lots of friends with kids but feel free to write if you ever have any questions. I wrote any and everybody with my first baby- before and after she was born.

  3. Thanks Amy – I appreciate the tips!

  4. Hey!! Duncan and I registered close to Thanksgiving, since I really wanted it done in time for Christmas :). It was extremely intimidating – we almost walked out after the first 10 min. I hear you about trying to find things that aren’t too “cutsy” and I do like playing with it on-line and changing things. We also registered at Target for the furniture. I’m into quality for some things, but it is baby stuff and will get beaten up and abused enough that I didn’t want to spend tons of money on the furniture :).
    Anyway – it’s nice to connect to someone over this stuff.

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