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Wade’s New Toy

We woke up to a couple of fresh inches of snow on the ground. Wade and I were a little lazy and didn’t get showered till almost 11 – when Dad and Laura arrived. Wade went outside to clean the driveway and sidewalk – and play with his new toy. The snowblower did great – until Wade ran over my rubber mat. It was buried under the snow and he didn’t know I had moved it. Ooops – he gets to start the repair work early on this one!

We went out for lunch with Dad and Laura and then gave them a driving tour of downtown and the lake. The rest of the afternoon was spent napping and watching football. Do we know how to entertain or what? For dinner we tried a restaurant Christin suggested, The Envoy. We were also pleasantly surprised to find the restaurant was in a cool hotel, the Ambassador Hotel. We asked to see a room and we were all impressed. I think Dad and Laura will stay there next time they visit.

  1. I want a snowblower!

  2. Hey Paddy! I’m not sure GA gets enough snow to really need one, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

  3. Scout Moto – Be Prepared!

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