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A Little Visiting

Wade couldn’t sleep and got bored around 7 am. He decided to brave the mall and see if he could get any good deals. I slept peacefully unaware until 8:30 and then enjoyed a day of visiting with old friends.
I have been playing phone tag with one of my good friends from GaTech, Bill, for the last couple months. When he called, I was so excited to finally have time to chat. He surprised me with a visit instead of a phone conversation. He was driving to St. Louis with his brother and sister-in-law from Lebanon, TN and saw the signs for Paducah. They stopped by mom’s house and we had a great, but short, visit.

Bill hadn’t been gone very long when Kate, one of my best friends from high school, arrived with her family. Kate’s girls are getting so big! Taylor is 3.5 and Anna just turned 1.

If only Kate lived a little closer, Florida is a long way from Wisconsin.

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