Pregnant for 25 Weeks

I had another doctor’s appointment (I have been more this year than total in my life) and everything is fine. The nurse did make fun of me for gaining only a pound between this visit and the last. Nobody seemed worried and I’m not complaining. I have bought some maternity clothes, but I haven’t worn them yet. My favorite jeans still fit (love low-rise jeans) and my winter sweaters are still comfortable. I am down to one pair of dress pants, but since I only wear them to church I am in no rush there either. (Don’t get me wrong – a bump is now noticeable regardless of what I wear).

  1. Meghann Donohue

    Holly – I hear you about the doctor. I feel like I have to go all the time, especially when you add in things like the ultrasounds and getting a flu shot, etc.
    I wanted to let you know that Duncan and I are also having a boy! The connections continue!
    I’ve been having a great second trimester and I can’t believe how fast it’s been going by.
    (p.s. I do wish I was only gaining one pound a visit though 🙁 ).

  2. Meghann – If you are at all like me, then finding out you were having a boy meant you could start planning and shopping! Have you guys picked out a name yet?
    I figure my small weight gain is just my way of preparing for all the goodies at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  3. Meghann Donohue

    We registered this weekend. It was very overwhelming, I have to say. We went to Babies ‘R Us, which is huge with lots of choices, and I did not go prepared. I had no idea how many brands of stuff there is, and how many different components you need. Some of it is so expensive too – I feel bad making other people pay for it! We registered for it anyway – we’ll see what happens. By the time we hit Target to finish up with another registry, I was feeling better.
    We don’t have a name yet – do you? How did you decide?

  4. We haven’t registered yet. At our current pace that may wait till after Christmas. We knew we wanted to use some family names so we pulled out Wade’s family tree and wrote down all the names we liked. We are 90% sure we have a name, but there is still room for us to change our mind.

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