And We Are Down To One

As of this week, Wade and I only own one house! Our house in Anderson still hadn’t sold and the number of viewers abruptly dropped. It appears the housing market in Anderson took a good 6-8 months to drop off after the rest of the US. We had the appraisal done for the company buy-out and were shocked by the results. They were offering us almost exactly what we had wanted for the house (before the realtors told us we could get more). We left the house on the market for another 45 days and then officially took the buy-out. I canceled the utilities and we only own one house and that one’s in Milwaukee!
Good-bye Anderson House

  1. Holly,
    That’s awesome…I know that’s a major stress off your shoulders.

  2. Most Definitely!

  3. I know that is such a relief!

  4. It was such a pretty home. Do you still have the link to buy the stars that you put in the mud room that Jamie sent you? I cannot find them anywhere! Where did you find those faux ceiling tiles for your bedroom?

  5. I don’t still have the link for the stars, but I have seen lots of “decorative” type stores carrying them – Michael’s or such. I bought the faux ceiling tiles at Hobby Lobby. I wish I could find vintage ones – the red color is what is holding me up there.

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