A Wedding Weekend

My mom was consumed this weekend with Allison’s wedding. Mom had a party on Thursday night and hosted the rehearsal dinner at her house on Friday evening. Then the wedding was on Saturday. Poor Allison has quite a few wedding stories to go with her big day. The local business pressing her gown burned to the ground hours after her dress was picked up. The rehearsal dinner was supposed to be outside but the rainy weather forced it indoors. One of her brothers got caught in a storm and was quite late flying into Paducah. One of the groomsmen’s wives was admitted to the hospital and he wasn’t sure if he would make it. Allison was supposed to take a carriage ride from the church to the reception, but the rain came at just the wrong time. Regardless of all the minor hiccups the wedding was beautiful and Allison is now married!

(I had a picture of mom and I, but my memory card and I fought over it. The card won and the picture has disappeared.)

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