Uh Oh – Wade Got Hurt

Wade loves soccer. Soccer does not love Wade. It was responsible for his messed up knee in 2003 and kept him from playing for a long time. He finally starts up a game here and comes home last night with a hurt knee (the other one). He stayed off of it last night and we are waiting to see how bad it is. We’re hoping just a sprain and not torn like last time. Only time will tell.

Update – Wade decided to go ahead and make a doctor’s appointment. The doctor evidently sees a lot of minor injuries and was intrigued by Wade’s. He has had his first appointment (confirmed torn ACL), is going now for his MRI, and has his follow up appointment this afternoon. At least they aren’t wasting any time. Maybe he can get his surgery scheduled for pretty soon. Hopefully he’ll be back to 100% and done with physical therapy by the time baby arrives.

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