Some People

I think I am about done selling on eBay. It used to be a great way to get rid of weird items that were worth a little too much to donate. However, people have become insane.
Here is my post about my old cell phone, ” USED Motorola MotoRazr V3 (AT&T) – I have had this phone a couple of years – it is well used. There is a crack in the exterior transparent covering – it does not affect the exterior screen. The interior is shown in the picture. There are some cracks and scratches. There is also some dust under the transparent covering. The phone comes with a battery and charger, but not a SIM card. I used the phone until last month and did not have any problems. The phone does have a built in camera.” I also included a picture showing the bad shape of the phone.

I was impressed when it sold for $30. The winner (who is a first time eBay user) paid and then started asking questions. She kept asking if the phone was in good shape and to guarantee it would work (all after the auction ended). I explained that it worked last time I used it, but there were no guarantees. The phone was well used for two years and not in great shape. I knew she wouldn’t be happy when she received it and she wasn’t. Her comment on my feedback, “the phone exterior was in good condition, but the interior was filty and damaged” (her spelling). Geez. I thought I was clear, but maybe not?

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