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3 in 4

Wade and I are celebrating our delayed anniversary this weekend. My gift was to replace Wade’s wedding ring. The wooden one went missing about six months ago. I walked into the jewlery store and the woman helping me was so excited I was getting married I had to tell her this was a replacement. When I got to the fact that this was the third ring in four years, she responded with, “So I guess you want the cheapest ring we have?” I instead decided to go for the most durable – tungsten carbide. Wade was excited about it and we’ll start the countdown to see how long this one lasts.

  1. Give that boy a necklace to put it on!!
    That’s hilarious.
    Em’s dad lost his when he was playing baseball with Em’s brother a long time ago. They found it a long time later and he’s since refused to wear it…he just keeps it on a chain out of fear of losing it again.
    Mine’s too stinking tight to fall off…of course I have fat knuckles!

  2. Wade takes his off every time he sits down. He also empties his pockets of everything and makes a nice pile. The problem is the ring is small enough to get left behind or to roll off. Oh well, it’s just a part of being married to Wade.

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