Wade Was Busy

Before I decided to go to Charleston with my mom, Wade and I made a deal. I would go on vacation, but I couldn’t leave a list of things for him to do. I thought that meant he was going to relax and enjoy. Nope – he attacked projects with a vengeance. He wouldn’t tell me what he was doing all week, but I knew he had completed 6 projects. When I got home, I was shocked to see:
1) The island butcher block and plant window refinished
2) New can lights in the Kitchen
3) The disposal moved to the other side of the sink
4) The windows between my office and the dining room removed
5) The master bedroom door replaced
6) Sod or seed the backyard
Kitchen Before and After:

Dining Room Before and After:

The biggest project was removing the windows. We are desperate for wall space and although we would lose some light we thought this was a good way to go. Seeing the finished project, we definitely made the right choice. Both the office and the dining room actually feel larger with the windows gone.

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