My Experiences, My Reviews

I normally rant about bad customer service and I plan to do that again. But first a good review. I am extremely impressed with L.L.Bean. I have ordered from them before, but never had a problem. Last month I ordered custom totes for my sister and me.

My mistake, but I did order the bags monogrammed. When I received them, the color thread used for the monogramming didn’t coordinate (in my opinion) with the bags (not the one shown above). I didn’t think LL Bean would do anything because they were customized. I was wrong. They immediately offered apologies and let me choose whether to try a different color or get my money back. How nice. Why aren’t all companies like this?!?!

Now on to the annoying rant. Ethan Allen is a pain. I bought four prints on sale in the Ethan Allen store in Nashville. As they were wrapping up the prints, we realized one of them had a couple of large scratches on the glass. I asked if they could give me a better price for the damage and was told “no” because they were already on sale. I then asked if it would be possible to find one that was not scratched. The sales lady found me one in an Ethan Allen on the north side of Nashville. I paid for all four at the first store and picked up the fourth one on our way out of town. It was wrapped up and I didn’t look at it until I got to my dad’s house. It turns out I didn’t have four different prints, but three prints and a duplicate. I called the sales lady I had dealt with and she agreed it was their fault and then also informed me they don’t normally take back sales merchandise. It was determined that Melissa would return the print for me and the lady would find a replacement.

After many annoying days and few returned phone calls, I spoke with the manager. They told me the duplicate print had to be returned within 10 days of purchase and they were still trying to locate me a replacement print for the same sale price. Melissa makes the return and then the lady informs me that they cannot ship the replacement print to me. I will have to pay if I want it shipped. At this point it is three weeks later and much frustration. I find the print in Milwaukee for $50 cheaper. I leave a message for the sales woman and tell her to please refund my money and I will buy the print locally. She returns my call and says she has managed to “sweet talk” the manager into paying for shipping. Gee – think you should have done that to begin with?

I get back from our trip and still have no word on the print. I finally got an email today saying it was shipped to their store on 3/21, but they haven’t received it yet. Will it ever end?

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