Evil Eye

Madison is always very energetic and excited to see us after we leave her alone. I was gone all of yesterday and she was especially hyper and needy when I got home. I sat down on the floor to play with her and she got in my lap. Then she pawed my face and scratched my eye. I knew it hurt but I wasn’t sure how much damage she had done. I had a little trouble with it all night, but I could watch TV and cook dinner without too much trouble.

I woke up this morning and couldn’t use my eyes. The hurt one would immediately water and the other one couldn’t seem to focus. I also had a pounding headache. I called Wade at work and he called to see if the local Wallgreens Walk-In Clinic could treat a scratched eye. They said yes so I walked over. The guy took one look at me and told me I needed to go to the emergency room.

My awesome husband found an eye doctor who would squeeze me in this morning. (They actually have an office next door to our apartment building but it isn’t open today, but I get to go there for my follow-up.) They were wonderful! They immediately took me in to a dark room and gave me numbing drops. Then the doctor came in and did a quick evaluation. He commented that he didn’t want me to have to wait knowing I was hurting. They gave me a contact to wear for the week and a bottle of pain killer drops for my eye. It’s amazing that I can now see and type. Things are slightly blurry, but there is no pain!

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