Madison / Toadfrogs / Paducah

Errands and a Visit to Grandma

Mom and I spent the day running errands – dropping Madison off at Dad’s to play; buying new shoes at the mall; dropping off my watch at the jewelery store to be repaired; stopping at TJ Max; stopping at the bookstore for a return and new books. Then we picked up Madison and went to visit Grandma. I wasn’t sure what she would think of Madison but they quickly became friends (Grandma fed her crackers).

Mom and I went to see the Upshaws’ new furniture at their new house. My mom has joined them in some recent antiquing trips and all of the furniture was delivered today. They have some beautiful pieces – especially a Jackson Press and a 10 Drawer Chest. Then we all went to dinner at a new restaurant in downtown Paducah – Toucan’s. We were one of three couples in the new restaurant, but the food was good and the dessert was excellent.

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