A New TV

Wade and I had planned to live fairly basic while we were in the apartment in Milwaukee. I packed minimal kitchen items, we borrowed furniture, and we didn’t pack a TV. I knew Wade was getting a new TiVo for Christmas, but I didn’t have room in my car and didn’t want to raise his suspicions by adding one to the pile. After Wade got the new HD TiVo, we decided to use the Christmas money from Dad and Laura on a new TV. Wade did his research, found the cheapest price, and located one that would be delivered tomorrow to a store. We drove to Circuit City, placed the order, and convinced them to use the 10% off coupon we received in the mail today – we ended up getting the TV about $600 cheaper than the list price. The new TV of choice is a Samsung 46″ LCD HD TV. The only slight concern I have is whether the TV will fit in our entertainment center at home.

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