All You Have To Do Is Ask

I received a pair of Merrell Promo Chill Slides for Christmas a few years ago. I wear them all winter long. The soles are in great shape – the insides is another matter. The shoes have shearling lining which make them wonderful to wear. Over the years, the foster puppy Jack tore out a bit of the lining and the insoles are full of holes. I assumed I would just have to buy some generic insoles, but I did check the Merrell website first. I didn’t see anything listed, but decided I might as well email the company. They emailed back and do sell them – for only $7.50 a pair. I bought two. Then I get a personal phone call telling me they are back ordered, but would I still like to place my order. What a great company. Hopefully I will get them by the middle of January – I will really appreciate them in Milwaukee!

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