It’s Done! It’s Done!

Wade has had a lot of problems remodeling the bathroom. In his words, “It fights me every step of the way.” He had to return the sink three times to the plumbing supply store because it didn’t fit the vanity top. The first time it was because the literature gave the wrong dimensions. The second time he got a sink from a bad mold. He has had these kinds of issues from the start. When he got ready to start the crown molding he was worn out. He called a man from our bible study, Danny, who works as a contractor. Danny came over and they had the molding up in two hours. Wade had intended to pay for the help, but Danny wouldn’t let him. We’re going to come up with a creative way to repay the favor.

I spent the afternoon painting the crown molding and doing a few touch up things. Now it is all done and ready to use. I just have to move all of our stuff back downstairs.

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